Our Patron


Meet our very first charity patron, Gillian Burke, biologist, presenter, public speaker, voiceover artist, writer and mother.

“While I am so excited to be working with Georgia’s Voice, there are so many other words that spring to mind; challenging, sobering, humbling, and inspiring.”

“While my work for the BBC focuses on nature and the environment, I have long talked about the importance of showing up for each other.”

“This is the chance to do just that. It is a real honour and I look forward to working with the charity.”

Our Ambassadors

A place to recognise and celebrate the heroes in our community that go the extra mile to support us, whether that be through repeat fundraising, or being proactive in raising awareness of our charity.


Johnny has been a Georgia’s Voice supporter since the beginning, first helping to raise awareness of our story and mission through his podcast, he has continued to support us to this day in many ways, coaching our founder Sophie, donating his holiday home as a venue for a wonderful restorative weekend retreat for our members, creating a condensed ‘super self programme’ tailored to our members giving his time free of charge, regularly sharing our content on social media to help raise awareness, and more recently raising a large sum of money and taking on a huge challenge, climbing the Annapurna mountain circuit over 12 days in Nepal.

Johnny is one of the kindest people we know, with an inspirational backstory of his own, he has become a great friend, always wanting to help others that are suffering, we are very proud to have him as an ambassador for Georgia’s Voice.

“I wanted to support Georgias Voice for so many reasons. Growing up witnessing domestic violence has resulted in an understanding of what it is like for a young woman to feel scared and alone and struggle to want to go on.

The work that GV is doing is a vital component of helping young women. I also feel a strong bond with Sophie and Georgia. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Georgia, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her through Sophie.”


Brian has been a huge supporter and advocate for Georgia’s Voice from the beginning and continues to support us! From personal coaching, timeline therapy, free facilitator training, leadership skills, the ‘Best Me’ programme for our members and an awareness event which was also a fundraiser, Brian helps out anyway he can!! Alone we can do good things, together we can do GREAT things!

‘As an experienced Life Coach, I feel a great affinity with the impressive support that Georgia’s Voice provides for young women across Cornwall. Georgia’s Voice’s Values, such as non-judgemental acceptance, empathy, empowerment and working with people to support their journey of self-improvement are wholly compatible with my own coaching practice and personal values. I feel honoured and privileged to be a Georgia’s Voice Ambassador and look forward to helping them further develop, grow and promote their important range of highly impactful support services.’


Jack has supported our charity from day one, holding his now famous annual ‘Cornwall mental health cup’ with his team ‘Speak Out United’ not only does Jack repeatedly raise a phenomenal amount of money for us (and Man Down!) but he is tireless in his efforts to raise awareness about the importance of ‘Speaking Out’ about poor mental health.

“I chose to support Georgia’s voice because they make a real difference in our community, you see boots on the ground and are actively making a difference”


Katie is one of our most dedicated Georgia’s Voice supporters! Not only does she regularly share our social media content, she promotes Georgia’s Voice by travelling around Cornwall (often by bus!) to promote our services and to speak at events detailing her experience of being a part of our groups.

Katie has been a member almost from the beginning, her confidence has soared from a young lady that used to hide behind her hair and not speak, to standing up in front of large crowds and shouting about mental health and Georgia’s Voice. We are very proud to have Katie as an ambassador for Georgia’s Voice and the way she has learnt to manage her mental health on good days and bad.

“I’m so passionate about promoting Georgias voice as it’s helped me grow in confidence so much as well as supporting my mental health. I’ve been attending groups pretty much since the beginning and as a result I try and help out at as many fundraisers, events and talks as I can along side studying for my social sciences degree. I never want anyone to be in the situations I’ve experienced or have to feel how I’ve felt so am determined to continue to share the gv message for as long as I can. I’ve never met such a dedicated team determined to make a difference and am honoured to be apart of the changes and hope being created.”


Tina has been a massive Georgia’s Voice supporter from day one! She has volunteered her time in our charity shop since opening day, she offers her amazing treatments at a reduced price for our volunteers, she has taken part in many fundraisers, and even goes into support groups to lead well-being activities. Tina is a truly beautiful person inside and out, and we are honoured to have her as an ambassador for our charity.

“To be an ambassador for Georgias voice fills my heart with gratitude. To be a small part of so many truly amazing people who help bring awareness, help, and support to young women in Cornwall. Sophie is a friend and a truly inspiring woman whom I have always admired, when Georgia sadly passed, I knew right away I wanted to help in whatever ways I could so that help and support in the future would be more available in Cornwall for our younger generation”.

“Having struggled myself at times throughout my life with mental health issues, I am honoured to stand beside some truly amazing people working to make a difference for generations of young women to come may we rise them back up together to stand strong and know its ok to sometimes not feel ok but with support you can find your own path again. In a world where you can be anything always be kind because you never know how someone is feeling. May Georgia’s voice always live on and forever shine her light”.


Rosie is a long term active Georgia’s Voice supporter, she has provided wellness retreats for our young women, shared our mission, and fundraises for us, she is very passionate about empowering and supporting young women, and we are proud to have her as an ambassador.

It is an absolute honour to be made Ambassador for the incredible Cornish suicide prevention charity, Georgia’s Voice, my biggest accolade to date, I am so very grateful, thank you so much for your kind recognition.

Being fortunate enough to be raised in Cornwall I wanted to do more to support my local community, and when I saw the Georgia’s Voice charity shop opening in Falmouth I immediately knew this was the charity I needed to be working with.

As an experienced massage therapist, gentle yoga teacher and wellbeing retreat facilitator I know how transformational the tools I had available can be. I have been pleased to offer the Georgia’s Voice service users a break away at one of my bespoke luxury wellbeing retreats, held at the stunning Pengelly Retreat near Hayle; a day full of relaxation, good food and joy! I have also been raising money for the charity by selling delicious Cornish honey pots, generously donated by Steve Opie, one of my yoga students.

The first time I met Sophie (the charity’s founder) I was struck by the genuine heart and infectious drive at the charity’s centre. Georgia’s Voice has a real ‘can do’ attitude and I feel so much motivation and potential opening from that. The young women who use the Georgia’s Voice services are our children, they are our sisters, wives, friends and mothers, and one day grandmothers. This is personal, we want and need you ladies in the world.

Much of the time I am a happy and thriving woman, mother, single parent and sole business owner. My hope is to remind others of their worth and brilliant potential by simply showing them a little bit of kindness and support, qualities so many of us sadly lack.

I have overcome many challenges in my own early life and it’s through my ongoing healing and support that I am now very pleased to be me and give back. Nothing is set in stone, things can always change, sometimes the changes are gradual and sometimes they transform quicker but together we are always stronger.

Huge thank you to Ellen Worth, Sadie Rosanna and Kate Levy who continue to volunteer their time and brilliant skills to each Georgia’s Voice retreat. Thank you also to Ruth and Jim from Pengelly Retreat who have generously donated their beautiful home for us to use.

Thank you Georgia’s Voice for all your have healed in me and for your continual inspiration.

I look forward to retreating with you ladies again soon! With much love and gratitude, Rosie.