Everyone in the group was so welcoming and I was shocked at how fast I went from feeling utterly alone to completely supported. Knowing that there were people who I could reach out too with anything was a huge eye opener. Georgias voice has given me so much more than a weekly group, I have made some great friends and had some great days out with people who I would have never met otherwise. The facilitators are such a huge support when things aren’t going perfect but more than that they are so ready to celebrate when things are going well. If you were thinking about Georgias voice I would highly recommend coming along and joining to community they have created.


I’ve been coming to Georgia’s Voice since April, after being given a poster about it in hospital. I was at first really nervous, as I’d never been to any kind of support group, and was scared about what it might be like. I have C-PTSD, and felt really ashamed of how suicidal it has made me over the years.

At first it helped to just listen and be around people who could empathise with similar feelings and experiences. Over the weeks I’ve been able to open up and become so much more confident. I love coming to group and being able to not only discuss how I’m feeling, but also have a laugh with people I now call friends. The additional activities like the water park visit are an amazing opportunity to just have fun, and appreciate feeling part of something special. I’d not laughed and felt so free in years, and the facilitators make you feel listened to and comfortable from day 1.

I honestly think that without Georgia’s Voice I would have had to leave Uni and my dream course, as I was becoming increasingly too unsafe to be in the community. Since joining the group I’ve managed to stay out of A&E completely.

I’ve started to fall in love with living again, I don’t feel so alone, and I have a safe space to look forward to being part of every week.


Going to group is so good and it gives me the space to talk see my friends I have met through group check in with them and sometimes we talk about random things and other times we talk about focused things and try and help eachother out with the support of the facilitators Georgia’s voice is amazing and I actually don’t think I’d have made it this far without group and I know a few others with similar views we couldn’t have made it this far without the support and even though the facilitators are not professionals they are actually a damn site better than the professionals we’ve had contact with they are easy to talk to, so supportive, caring and funny.


I go to Georgias Voice because I enjoy having a break from everything going on in the week and having somewhere to go to take a breather and be around kind supportive people.

I find it helpful because it’s a good de stress and always lifts my mood:)


Georgia’s Voice is so much more than a weekly check-in; it gives me a sense of unity and belonging. Since attending group, there’s never been a time where I’ve felt lack of opportunity to express my thoughts/feelings; I always feel there are people to talk to, and I never feel rushed. To sum Georgia’s Voice up – walking into the room is like walking into friends with open arms. I would encourage anyone who’s considering attending to come along


I put off coming to Georgia’s voice for a really long time! Kept thinking , “I’ll start next week”, which went on for months! Eventually finding the courage to go, I now can’t imagine life without it; and get really excited for every session. I never felt like an “outcast” there, everyone was warm and welcoming , and it only took a couple of sessions before I felt like part of the family.

The sessions are amazing to just get everything out, each week is that weight taken off your shoulders. Even if you don’t feel like sharing; it’s nice to be around such amazing women who understand, and are in a similar boat and won’t judge. It’s especially nice to get out and do activities, a destress and an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level and form even closer bonds.

I haven’t been at Georgia’s voice for long, but I’ve made friends for life. I appreciate everything that’s been done for me so far and so happy I have that extra connection and support I’ve needed for a long time.


I love how relaxed the atmosphere at group is, and I really appreciate the continuity of group each week, and the fact that even if I choose not to go one week, group is always there next week if I need it. I’ve been attending for about 8 months, and in that time there’s not once been a time I’ve felt there wasn’t the opportunity to share thoughts/feelings. Thank you for providing us young people such a supportive and friendly service.


Just want to say a huge thank you to you, your wonderful group and the Redruth team. My daughter went there for a few months and all the help and support has really helped her turn her life around. She is back working and doing A Levels at college and has friends now. This probably would not have been the outcome if she did not receive the care and support from your team so thank you very much, much love to you and gratitude always xx


I joined the GV family in November after struggling with my mental health for years. I felt a need to follow and support the charity after going to school with Georgia and finally plucked up the courage to go to a group and I’m so glad I did! I was so shy in the beginning and hardly spoke for weeks, but have gradually grown in confidence, making some amazing, supportive and strong friends along the way.

Everyone is so welcoming, inclusive, understanding and non judgemental and there is always someone who can relate to you or understand what you’re going through. It’s so nice to have this group to go to every week, you don’t have to fit a certain criteria to join or receive help, unlike many other services, it’s a consistent, safe, supportive environment which provides essential support, which is great for people like me who struggle massively with change. We also go on amazing trips together where we can make memories, grow closer as a group and just enjoy being young women.

I’m so grateful and proud of all my girls and can’t wait to welcome new members in the future.


The support is amazing, the events are a lush idea to meet other people and get talking with people, Georgias voice is amazing and I’m so grateful it’s set up as it really helps me out.


I’m so grateful for you all. Life would have been so much more challenging without the support I have received over the last 16 months.


I joined Georgia’s Voice at the start of this year. After dealing with a lot of bad mental health in the past, I felt that joining GV was a step towards helping myself. At first I was nervous and scared about going but even at my first session I was made to feel so welcome and safe. Every session I feel more and more confident to speak out, I feel as if I go to group with a problem and leave with half a problem.

My mum was recently diagnosed with stage 4 terminal bowl cancer, it’s been a difficult past three months but Georgia’s Voice had helped me massively. I’ve been offered an incredible amount of support and therapy thanks to GV. I feel like I’m apart of this incredible loving family at Georgia’s Voice, we all are there for each other to talk and support each other. I’ve definitely had a lot of personal growth since starting at Georgia’s voice and couldn’t of done it without speaking out.

Talking out about my problems is one of the best things I am doing for myself and the support I receive back I will forever be grateful for.


After some weeks of suffering with my mental health,my mum told me about these Georgia’s voice support groups which she heard about through Facebook, but I felt very nervous to attend so ended up putting it off for quite some time after speaking with the founder of Georgia’s voice, I managed to get the courage to attend my first support group, after attending my first support group I realised how helpful it is and it has now become part of my weekly routine, it’s nice to have somwhere to go and people to talk to that understand and support you and especially when something in the weeek has happened as then you can off load it to people who will have a listening ear.

Without Georgia’s voice I had a lot more stress and less confidence so theses support groups have really helped me with this and it’s also lovely to make friends. Thanks Georgia’s voice


I joined Georgia’s Voice just over 2 months ago now, after putting it off for months due to anxiety. When I found the courage to join, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in regards to benefiting my mental health.

I have struggled with my mental health for many years, and in this time, I have received support from the Community Mental Health Team, my GP, and my family. However, there have been numerous times when what would benefit me the most, is a non-biased listening ear. For me, the Georgia’s Voice facilitators and fellow members, are that crucial support. Every session, I always feel heard and respected. Since joining, I have already started to accept my mental health struggles, and most importantly, after each session I feel closer and closer to embracing those struggles.

This charity is helping me to feel like I’m living rather than just surviving. Even in crisis, the group is still able to make me smile and laugh. The group activities we take part in together, are so much fun, and I feel like I’m making memories that will last. Thanks to Georgia’s Voice, I no longer feel alone.


Coming to GV gave me a safe place to be for 2 hours a week every week, having something in the diary every week is really helpful. I’ve met some really lovely people through coming to GV. Now we have a group chat and we meet up outside of group.

I was really nervous to come to a GV group, but I’m so glad I did. I never realised how much I would gain from having 5 minutes of uninterrupted time to just say whatever I wanted and not be judged. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t start going to GV.

I felt like I had nowhere to go and I had tried everything I could to feel better and nothing worked, until I started GV.


It took me a few months of knowing the group was a thing before I hyped myself up enough to go, and even then, once I did, I wasn’t a regular member, this doesn’t matter, you are welcome to come as and when you need without commitment.

The group in Falmouth has quickly become a lovely group of friends. You can talk as much or as little as you want, and there are many groups across Cornwall.

After graduating, many of my friends moved elsewhere, and I felt pretty lonely.

Something that started meeting new people has helped me build my social skills and encouraged me to seek further support.


I honestly don’t know what I’d do without Georgia’s Voice. It’s such a warm, safe environment.

Everyone is so kind and caring and it just feels so nice to be in place where you feel understood. It’s nice to be able to talk and feel welcomed to actually be able to talk.

Thank you so much for being there for me and everybody that’s struggling, it’s very much appreciated.