I’m Amy and I co facilitate the Falmouth group.

When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with social anxiety and I’ve been through, and continue to go through, many tough times with my mental health.

I have navigated my way through many life challenges so far and I want to support young women through theirs. I’m a huge believer in having informal conversations about mental health and holding non-judgemental spaces for anyone having difficulties with their mental health.

I know first hand how scary it can be to do something new and unfamiliar, but if you can make it to our session on a Monday in Falmouth you will be warmly welcomed as part of our community.


Hi I’m Charlotte, our online group facilitator.

I’m an Illustrator, and I enjoy working part-time with young people in education to help improve their confidence and build trusting relationships. I’ve always been passionate about giving young people a voice, and to recognise the importance of being listened to properly, and believed.

As a teenager and young adult, I struggled a lot with my mental health. I learned a lot from building a healthier relationship with myself and my body, and finding healthier coping mechanisms to process complex emotions.
Mental health services are so stretched, and long waiting lists prevent people getting help when they most need it. Our groups have no waiting lists or criteria to meet, and we know what a big step it is to ask for help. They are a safe space to be, where you can talk openly and be treated with kindness and no judgement.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected, and to know that they’re not alone in the world. We’re here for you because we care!


My name is Ciara.

When I was asked to join GV I had no idea of the wonderful impact it would have on my life. For years I suffered with my mental health and as a child I was silenced by my abuser. I don’t want any other young person to suffer in silence.

I want every young person to be able to talk about how they are feeling and to know that they are important and what they say is important. That they are loved and really do matter.



Hi, I’m Emma and I’m one of the co-facilitators for the Newquay group.

I have been working as a health and well-being professional for the past few years, supporting others in various roles. Mental health is an area that I have personally struggled with in the past, and I still work on it daily. I’m fortunate to have received support, and now I’m ready to give back to others.

When I’m not working, I like to spend my time at the beach collecting sea glass and making jewellery. I’m also interested in crafts, reading, horror films, true crime, and I’m currently studying for a master’s degree in psychology.

I’m passionate about helping others and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide, and I feel privileged to volunteer with Georgia’s Voice. I know that taking the first step can be challenging, but you will find a safe and welcoming space in our Newquay group. I look forward to meeting you there.



Hi my name is Emma and co facilitate the Redruth group with Julie.

I have been supporting young people for 23 years in a range of settings.

Making sure young people receive the information and guidance and support to move forward in life is important to me.

I have supported someone in my family for many years with their mental health, through the good times and bad. So having the opportunity to volunteer at Georgia’s voice is an honor. and 1 i’m very excited about.

I look forward to welcoming you to the group.



Hi, my name is Ysella (also known as Izzey) and I co-facilitate the St Austell group.

Cornish born and raised, I love the sun on my skin, the sound of birdsong, citrus flavours, walks with my dog, and being outdoors in all seasons. I am a qualified counsellor with a private practice called Golowhe Therapy, and I continue to work in the outdoors with over a decades experience in a variety of roles.

Through leading many groups and activities, as well as my counselling experience with students of Cornwall College and Callywith College, it felt like the perfect opportunity to bring all this together and support Georgia’s Voice. The 18-25yo age group is often overlooked and, as we all know, can be such a challenging time in life to navigate for so many different reasons. So I am delighted to be able to be here, listen, and offer support for wherever life’s journeys take us, and look forward to meeting you soon.


Hi, I’m Jo. I feel very privileged to be a flexi-facilitator for Georgia’s Voice, and I genuinely love meeting our group members and the other facilitators.

As the middle-aged mum of two teenage daughters, I’m aware of the challenges facing young people these days, and I’m glad to be able to do something small to help. My partner and I own and run a beachside café here in Cornwall, but in a former life I used to be a learning and development consultant, coach and facilitator. I am fascinated by positive psychology – which is the scientific study of what makes people thrive – and I’m currently studying to become a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Trainer. Having experienced my own physical and mental health challenges, I’m passionate about doing everything I can to support other people with their wellbeing.

I believe that the mind and body are inextricably linked and I’m interested in nutrition and all kinds of alternative approaches to health. I enjoy walking along the coast path (preferably in blue skies and sunshine!), taking photographs, doing yoga, reading and, most of all, exploring new places. We have a crazy Cockapoo called Mollie who is desperate to come along to a Georgia’s Voice group someday soon so she can get as many cuddles as possible!



My name is Julie and I co-facilitate the Redruth group.

I am incredibly proud to be part of the Georgia’s Voice team, beautiful Georgia was my goddaughter.

I believe all young women deserve better, to attend a safe haven of friendly support groups, to be part of a cause, to enable young women to know about, promote and access local services that they may require.

To promote and help young women to establish and find the meaning behind wellness, self care and help build, boost and recognise their own self esteem and promote a healthy wellbeing to discover their true worth.



Hi, my name is Karina and I am a co-facilitator for the Falmouth support group.

A little about myself – I have suffered for many years with my mental health and anxiety. After years of battling, I put myself through University at the age of 36. I got a diploma in Counselling development & youth work.

I joined the team of volunteers at GV Preloved Boutique & this gave me the confidence to train to become a facilitator.

Being along side the young ladies on their journey, being non judgemental & always willing to listen. Just having someone to talk to & to know they are listening can do so much for someone.


I’m Katherine, a Wife, Mum, Nannie and mature student brought up in Rock and Wadebridge. My family are my world and I’m very proud of them all. I work in mental health and absolutely love my job no matter how challenging some days can be. I’m happiest at the beach. The sound of the sea, the feel of the sand and the smells take me to my special place. I go to lots of gigs with my husband and love, live music, socialising with friends, laughter, camping and holidaying. I like to cook and bake and I’m fortunate to have many friends who like to eat it all.

I’m passionate about looking after our mental health and supporting people who are struggling with theirs. I can do this with the training I’ve been on, the knowledge I’ve gained and lived experiences.

Georgia’s Voice is a much needed resource in Wadebridge for 18-25 year old Women and I’m extremely honoured to be a facilitator for the group.



Hi, my name is Katie and I am co-facilitator for the Camborne group.

I’ve struggled with my mental health since experiencing some very big losses in my life, and learnt that it’s absolutely fine to need some help and guidance from time to time. I know from my own experience how much it can help just having someone to talk to about how you’re feeling, which is why I wanted to become a facilitator.

My life outside of work and being a facilitator consists of spending time with my partner and our 3 dogs, and enjoying the stunning Cornish countryside! Getting out and about in the fresh air is such an excellent way to make things in your mind seem a bit clearer. I also love reading, and spending time with my friends.

I can’t wait to meet you at the Camborne group


Hi, I’m Kirsty and I am lucky to be part of the incredible team that makes up Georgia’s Voice.

My background sits within Admin, Finance and HR. I love being part of the GV team. It is an absolute privilege to work with such wonderful young women as well as an extraordinary team of hard working facilitators who run our support groups.

My main role consists of overseeing and managing our existing groups and the facilitators who run them, as well as recruiting new volunteers to join our ever expanding team and growing the areas we are in.

I am passionate and committed to reducing the suicide rate of young women and helping to support our team to offer a consistent and safe space to remind you all that You Matter!



I am Laura and I co facilitate the Truro group.

I am a mother of 10 yrs old twins as well as being a psychologist student. I am from Argentina which is the country with more psychologists per capita than the whole world. This meant I grew up understanding how important it is to prioritise our mental health , without being judgemental and to talk openly about it which can promote awareness and reduce stigma.

I suffered and continue to suffer with mental health concerns, so I truly believe that offering a safe space to young ladies where they can share their experience, feelings and emotions is something that can help them to feel valued, listened to and supported.

I can say that joining to Georgia’s Voice as a volunteer was one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. It is such a a rewarding role and an amazing experience.



Hi I’m Leah and I Co facilitate the Wadebridge group.

I believe everyone deserves to be heard and to be in a place where they feel safe.

I’ve needed help myself and thanks to a group that changed my life and helped me to live again. I learnt how to be in a group setting and how listening to others and being heard myself helped me heal.

I spend all year round sea swimming and looking for cold water especially mermaid pools hidden beaches, and going on as many adventures as I can with my kids and dogs.

I also love to mediate, read and spread my mindfulness ways as much as I can.



I’m Louise, one of the fab team of trustees for Georgia’s Voice, and I also facilitate the Penzance fortnightly group.

I’m a person-centred counsellor, and am fiercely passionate about accessible mental health services for all. I like to challenge the perceptions out there of counselling and mental wellness, and champion acceptance and authenticity. I’ve faced adversity in my own life and despite it being tough in places, I know it is all part of what makes me, me. I believe that showing kindness to ourselves/our situations can help with healing from our traumas. I’m really proud to be a part of the Georgia’s Voice team, and proud of how our services help young women.

And I’m proud of our group members and supporters! You really are all wonderful! When I’m not working you can find me pootling about Newlyn with my whippet Piper (you’ll hear loads about him when you meet me!), trundling about in Tessa (my counselling and general adventure wagon!), or getting fully immersed in a serial killer documentary (people truly are fascinating haha!).



Hi my name is Mandy and I co-facilitate the Camborne Group.

Georgia was my Beautiful Granddaughter.

I am very passionate about helping young women who experience mental health issues.

Every young person deserves to be listened to.

I am dedicated to helping as many of you as possible.



My name is Margarithe and I’m a Flexi Facilitator.

I have an extremely energetic Old English Sheepdog puppy that keeps me on my toes with her antics. In between looking after the fluffball, I bake and decorate cakes, make teddy bears and have an interest in dolls house miniatures.I have worked with young people for the last 30 years and I am passionate about women being able to empower themselves and be the best that they can be. I moved from education to being a coach and mentor and it is rewarding and exciting to see transformation in young people’s lives. My family has been through and survived the trauma of suicide and this is one of the reasons that I have volunteered with Georgia’s Voice.

Everyone deserves to be heard, respected, accepted and cared for.


Hi! I’m Maya She/Her Flexi Facilitator.

I am all about positivity! One of my main beliefs is that everyone deserves to know that they’re loved I am a Voice Actor, Storyteller and Mental Health Livestreamer who empowers others through empathy!

I have faced my own personal mental health barriers throughout my journey, from bullying, dark isolated mental spaces and toxic relationships/friendships. Overcoming them stronger and learning their lessons has allowed me to be ready to help others! Self growth is important to me and watching others connect through the validation of sharing their stories is beyond beautiful Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to get to know you all better.



Hi, my name is Molly and I co-facilitate the Penzance group.

I am a mum to an extremely energetic 8 year old boy. I am a support worker for young families and people aged 16-24 who live in supported housing and I also run a soft play area for children, a project which I set up back in 2014.

I suffer from a panic disorder and anxiety which I have had since a young child, which impacts on my life daily. I want to help end the stigma towards mental health and help to provide a safe and confidential place for young women to meet and support each other. I’m very grateful to be a part of the Georgia’s Voice Team.



Hi, my name’s Riannon and I’m a co-facilitator for the Camborne support group.

I’ve struggled with my mental health from a young age, and it wasn’t until I joined Georgia’s Voice as a member a couple of years ago, that I started to accept myself, prioritise my mental health, and learn the importance of having a large support system. I have built my confidence up to a point where I am now a co-facilitator for Georgia’s Voice. I have seen first hand, the positive impact that being part of a group can have, and the sense of belonging that it can provide.

As a passionate advocate for mental health, I’m dedicated to supporting young women on their journey to mental well-being. I want to help provide a safe space for young women to express themselves and seek help when needed. I think it’s so important to try and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

A little bit about me – I like walking my dogs, I’m very artsy and love to paint and draw. I also enjoy baking.



My name is Samantha and I co-facilitate the Truro group on a Monday.

As a Young adult I found my early 20’s a challenge. I never really understood who I was or where I fitted in the world. I had no idea at the time that my mental health was an issue, until 10 years ago, when I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression after I burnt out at work. This really made my younger years make more sense to me, and the feelings that I was going through.

I volunteer with Georgia’s Voice as a way to give back, and to repay the help and support I received from many different people over my recovery. I am an advocate for peer support, talking openly about what you are going through and creating a toolkit of practices that support positive mental health. Everything that Georgia’s Voice is about. I try to create this environment in the group each week with my co-facilitator.

Everyone has a place in this world, even if you have not found that yet, Georgia’s Voice is somewhere you will get a warm welcome and lots of friendly faces and support to guide you. It’s such an amazing group of young women and it is amazing to see that we really are changing lives.



Hey there, I’m Tuesday, co-facilitator for the Newquay group.

I am so excited about this opportunity, as it is something not only close to my heart, but I also have personal experience with. I have lost friends to suicide and even had thoughts of it myself; I felt completely hopeless, full of despair and did not feel I had anywhere or anyone I could turn to. I couldn’t have imagined the life I lead today. It gives me great joy to be a part of an amazing organisation, which helps to provide a safe non-judgmental space and support for young women to come together, as a beacon of hope.

In my spare time, I help others with alcohol addiction through their recovery, as with most challenges in life, they’re easier to face when you’re not alone. I also volunteer with another organisation to improve access to the coast path in Cornwall, with the aim to improve health and wellbeing. I am passionate about personal growth and development, including continuing my studies in completing diplomas in similar fields such as life coaching, hypnotherapy and energy healing, to name a few.

To relax and unwind, I really enjoy loosing myself in a good book or having a soundtrack playing to sing and dance to. I also like getting out and having an adventure, near or far. Other things that light me up are my family, my dog (La Luna), cooking, astrology, tarot, board games and creative writing.

Looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know each other better!