I’m Sophie and I am the founder/director of Georgia’s Voice.

Preventing suicide in young women is my life’s passion, all the love I have for my beautiful daughter Georgia goes straight into this charity!

Together with the amazing team we have here at Georgia’s Voice, we work hard to ensure every young woman in Cornwall can access our services, we help our members gain access to professional mental health services, to feel part of a community, and above all we make sure their voices are heard ????



I’m so passionate about contributing to a better experience of mental health support in Cornwall that it made complete sense for me to be involved at trustee level with Georgia’s Voice. I want to help affect change in our communities to ensure no one feels they have no options left and are not being heard by someone.

Georgia’s legacy is to highlight the challenges young women are facing, and if I can help that message get across in even a small way then it will be worthwhile.


Hi, I have been a trustee of Georgia’s Voice since the charity was started. I feel very strongly about the availability of support for young women suffering with their mental health.

I am a Mum of a teenage girl and it’s good to know that there is support out there if she or anyone she knows needs it. I have worked with the Bristol Youth Offending Team and the charity Big Brothers and Sisters in the past.


Being a trustee for me is hugely about being part of a cause and a movement that is making a difference to the young women who need and receive help and support from the charity and it’s also about utilising and adapting my skills and experience I have in my career as a Service Manager who supports adults with Learning Disabilities. I’ve always been driven to help and support others, I do this by supporting people to understand their own true wealth by understanding their own strengths, capabilities and empowering them to have acceptance of themself.

Sadly the opportunity for young women to access the Mental Health Services is not available to everyone but here at Georgia’s Voice we are all truly passionate about improving the support that is available to each and every young woman.

Providing mental health support to help change their lives and make them better, I truly believe that the power of women working collectively at grass roots levels is never to be underestimated. This is why I’m truly honoured to be a trustee for Georgia’s voice.


Hi, my name is Kirsty and I am honoured to be a trustee for GV.

My role as a trustee is to ensure that every decision we make is centred around our wonderful members. I work with the board to make important decisions for GV, make plans and strategies and ensure we are always working within our charities visions and values.

My background sits with HR and Accounts and I feel I bring a strong and compassionate offering to the charity to ensure we are compliant, accountable and responsible.