sophie Alway

My name is Sophie and I am the founder of Georgia’s Voice. I co-facilitate the Falmouth group with Ciara. I am extremely passionate about supporting young girls who are suffering with their mental health, especially after loosing my own daughter to suicide. I love the support network we have created, and seeing the difference our groups make by promoting ways to improve well-being and making girls aware of the services that are available to help them.

ciara harris

My name is Ciara and I co-facilitate the Falmouth group with Sophie. When I was asked to join GV I had no idea of the wonderful impact it would have on my life. For years I suffered with my mental health and as a child I was silenced by my abuser. I don't want any other young person to suffer in silence. I want every young person to be able to talk about how they are feeling and to know that they are important and what they say is important. That they are loved and really do matter.

Julie lusk

My name is Julie and I co-facilitate the Redruth group. I am incredibly proud to be part of the Georgia's Voice team, beautiful Georgia was my goddaughter. I believe all young women deserve better, to attend a safe haven of friendly support groups, to be part of a cause, to enable young women to know about, promote and access local services that they may require. To promote and help young women to establish and find the meaning behind wellness, self care and help build, boost and recognise their own self esteem and promote a healthy wellbeing to discover their true worth.

keryn Carter

Hi my name is Keryn, I co-facilitate the Camborne group. I often struggled myself with anxiety and confidence but with the right support I believe there is light. I am very proud to be part of an amazing team and feel together we can make a difference to each and every young woman who needs our help. You matter. You are not alone.

Amy Parsons

Hi my name is Amy. I co-facilitate the Truro group. I am extremely passionate about mental health. Having suffered from my own mental health concerns for years and feeling alone in my thoughts I want to be able to help support people who have shared the same if not similar experiences, help prevent them from feeling any self doubt. I’m also a massive believer of 'communication is key' therefore, feel It is vital for people who are struggling to have a safe place to go to where they can talk, be heard or just be present. I am extremely proud to be apart of the team.

Molly blewett

Hi, my name is Molly and I co-facilitate the Penzance group. I am a mum to an extremely energetic 8 year old boy. I am a support worker for young families and people aged 16-24 who live in supported housing and I also run a soft play area for children, a project which I set up back in 2014. I suffer from a panic disorder and anxiety which I have had since a young child, which impacts on my life daily. I want to help end the stigma towards mental health and help to provide a safe and confidential place for young women to meet and support each other. I’m very grateful to be a part of the Georgia’s Voice Team.

Emma Hamblin

Hi my name is Emma and co-facilitate the Redruth group. I have been supporting young people for 23 years in a range of settings. Making sure young people receive the information, guidance and support to move forward in life is important to me. I have supported someone in my family for many years with their mental health, through the good times and the bad. So having the opportunity to volunteer at Georgia's voice is an honour I'm very excited about.

Mandy lovering

Hi my name is Mandy and I co-facilitate the Camborne Group. Georgia was my Beautiful Granddaughter. I am very passionate about helping young women who experience mental health issues. Every young person deserves to be listened to. I am dedicated to helping as many of you as possible.

jen lovering

Hi my name Is Jen. I’m a facilitator for the Truro support group. My journey started back when I was in secondary school at around 12 and has continued right through to now with very little support except from my friends and family. I feel there is not enough support in Cornwall for young women and I definitely believe that needs to change. I am proud to be a part of Georgia’s Voice as I feel it is the change everyone needs and the support. I’m so excited to see where this new adventure takes me.